Balekambang Beach: Tanah Lot van Java

Balekambang Beach: Tanah Lot van Java

Balekambang beach one of interesting trip destination in Malang, it is located in Bantur area which approximately 60 km away from South Malang. This beach is ery popular among local citizen, especially on weekend or holiday seasons, there will be a lot people having a picnic and enjoy the waves. Balekambang beach has a wide sea shore and three little islands nearby. One of the islands named Ismoyo Island, it’s become the main charm of the beach because there is a Hindu temple stand firm on the island and it’s connected to the sea shore.  People can come over to the temple by crossing the rocky bridge.  This attraction is having a similar looks with famous Bali attraction, Tanah Lot. This ‘Tanah Lot replica’ is very beautiful!

How to go there

If you want to go to Balekambang beach, you can have your flight to Abdul Rachman Shaleh airport Malang and continue your journey by car. Make sure the car is on a good condition because the road is quite bumpy. It takes about 2 hours long to arrive at Balekambang beach gate. To enter the beach it costs Rp7.500 for each person and Rp 2.000 for the vehicle.

Balekambang beach has quite complete facilities; you can find a lot of small restaurants, fine toilets and showers, mat rental, modest inn and souvenir shops spread nearby the beach. here’s also an Information office and Police Station nearby. Surely, you’ll not find any significant trouble in there.

Beach Picnic

Casual picnic with family is the best activity to do in Balekambang beach. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the beach, swimming in a wavy sea with three beautiful island will pleased our eyes and gives a relaxing atmosphere. Because of beach wide space, it’ll be fun to have a walk on the beach side exploring the beauty of nature around.  You can go here for one day trip or stay overnight on the inn or have a camp in Scout camping ground around the beach.

Visit the Highlight Temple

While taking a walk, you should spare your time to visit Balekambang main attraction; Ismoyo Island. It won’t make you exhausted because the island location is really near. In this little Tanah Lot, you’ll find Hindu temple which has a very good care, clean and gorgeus.  Each year, Ismoyo temple is the venue of two big traditional ceremonies called Suro (Javanese New Year) and Jalanidhi Puja (Hindu ceremony).

This Tanah Lot replica is a great destination to visit in Malang; it has almost the same scenery with beautiful Tanah Lot. So, let’s go!